Koncertowe nagrania z lat 1979 i 1971.

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27 października 1992
Frank Zappa
132:24 min.


Frank Zappa -- vocal, gitara, rozmowy
Mark Volman -- vocal, rozmowy
Howard Kaylan -- vocal, rozmowy
Jim Pons -- gitara basowa, vocal
Bob Harris -- klawisze
Don Preston -- klawisze
Ian Underwood -- klawisze, ssaksofon, rozmowy
Aynsley Dunbar -- bębny, rozmowy
Jeff Simmons -- rozmowy
George Duke -- rozmowy
Martin Lickert -- rozmowy


A Typical Day On The Road, part 1 (M.O.I)
"Here Comes The Gear, Lads"
The Living Garbage Truck
A Typical Sound Check
"This Is Neat"
The Motel Lobby
Getting Stewed
The Motel Room
"Don't Take Me Down"
The Dressing Room
Learning "Penis Dimension"
"You There, With The Hard On!"
Zanti Serenade (Preston/Zappa)
Sleeping In A Jar [ 6 ]
"Don't Eat There"
Brixton Still Life
Super Grease (M.O.I, Zappa)
Wonderful Wino (Simmons/Zappa) [ 22 ]
Sharleena [ 11 , 38 , 49 ]
Cruisin' For Burgers [ 6 , 23 , 52 ]
Diphteria Blues (M.O.I)
Well (Ward)
Say Please (Lennon/Ono/Zappa)
Scum Bag (Lennon, Ono, Kaylan, Zappa)
A Small Eternity With Yoko Ono (Lennon/Ono)
A Typical Day On The Road, part 2 (M.O.I)
Beer Shampoo
Champagne Lecture
Childish Perversions
Playground Psychotics
The Mudshark Interview
"There's No Lust In Jazz"
Botulism On The Hoof
You Got Your Armies
The Spew King
I'm Doomed
Status Back Baby [ 2 ]
The London Cab Tape (M.O.I)
Concentration Moon, part 1 [ 4 ]
The Sanzini Brothers (Underwood/Volman/Kaylan)
"It's A Good Thing We Get Paid To Do This"
Concentration Moon, part 2 [ 4 ]
Mom & Dad [ 4 ]
Intro To Music For Low Budget Orchestra
Billy The Mountain [ 14 ]
The True Story Of 200 Motels
"He's Watching Us"
If You're Not A Professional Actor
He's Right
Going For The Money
Jeff Quits
A Bunch Of Adventures
Martin Lickert's Story
A Great Guy
Bad Acting
The Worst Reviews
A Version Of Himself
I Could Be A Star Now

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